Why are Depeche Mode fans called Devotees?

 Simply put Depeche Mode fans are called Devotees primarily because their extreme loyalty to the band is unrivaled by almost any other music fans.

You could say Devotees are extraordinarily faithful to the band, their music, and their dark and grandiose way of thinking.  If you’re a Devotee then you know that Depeche Mode isn’t just another kind of music, it’s the soundtrack to your life!

It’s all about their Faith & Devotion

The use of the term Devotee started shortly after the explosive 1993 “Devotional” Tour to promote their 8th album “Songs of Faith and Devotion” This was one of the first tours in history to make use of large screen displays that included dark and hypnotic imagery and videos that meshed perfectly with the darkest music Depeche Mode had produced to date.

Depeche Mode performing Stripped during the Songs of Faith and Devotion Tour 1993

Inspired by a T-shirt?

During the tour the stage crew and roadies wore T-shirts with the words “Devotee” printed on them in purple, and that is when the term Devotee first caught on.  This was the first Depeche Mode concert I ever saw, and I was utterly blown away. I can honestly say that I was a Devotee long before that concert, but I just didn’t have a word for it yet. Ask any other Devotee you come across and they will have a similar story.

Are you a fellow Devotee?

Are you a Devotee as well? I would love to hear when you first realized you were one of the devout.

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  1. Yes I am now , I had forgotten how good this band was in the nightclubs.
    David Gahan and Martin have beautiful singing voices.
    It’s a huge part of my music at age 68.
    U could say I grew up with them , their not far behind me.
    Very few songs are bad.

  2. Depeche Mode had been in my life since People Are People,grade school. Not only did Martin Gores swag impress me so but the industrial type sounds and roller coaster of sounds that got to me. Over the years I would save up babysitting money to walk miles for Smash Hits magazine just to get a glimpse of them. I loved their lyrics, which I’ve always found to be so vulnerable and human! I had all their albums and listened religiously. Ive seen them every tour since Music For the Masses, at which I peed my pants from the excitement! I’m just about 50 now, not peeing my pants anymore but still enjoying them as much as I did back then! I still follow them and wear more black than the average person and have one lonely rose tattoo on my shoulder. The loss of Andy Fletcher was like losing family and I have nothing but love for the devotion they have for their fans. I feel confident in saying, I’m a devotee. 😘

    • Hey Melisa it’s always nice to hear from a fellow Devotee! People Are People was the first Depeche Mode song I heard as well, and I will always love the chorus between Martin & Dave at the end of that song. I know all of us Devotees will miss Fletch, but we are grateful for the amazing music he helped create!

  3. Absolutely, Scott! We traveled to NY from Boston this weekend to see them at Madison Square Garden, Andy’s presence was still there but he was very much missed! Great show and well worth the drive 🌹

  4. I have loved their music since before I can pinpoint a date. I grew up with three aunts that were teens when I was born (1983) and that was how Depeche Mode became the soundtrack of my life. My daughters both have also grown up with Depeche Mode being the primary music listened to in our home and know nearly every song it seems. My oldest will be 16 soon and has been to three concerts and my 12 year old has been to two, with two more to come in November! It is so much fun to discuss with my daughters our current favorite songs as it seems our top 10 DM songs are always shifting. We are greatly enjoying the new album and quickly discovering extra new favorites!

  5. Depeche mode have a such a big part of my heart ..the lyrics that Martin writes just hit me hard and i can so relate to them it is just amazing.. i have loved them since i was 13 years and the love goes on and on . I am extremely thankful for some of the songs as the have keept me from going insane when life was hard … i cant listen to Home without crying with thankfulness

    • Thanks for the heartfelt comment Bara! I was 13 when I first heard People Are People and I have been in love with Depeche Mode ever since! Home is such a beautiful song as well 🙂

  6. Hi there, my name is Călin (it sounds something like Collin), I’m from Romania. Here we have an other word for DM fans, it’s “depeșist” (read it something like Depeche’ist, “someone who is with Depeche”). I’m 46 now and I’m a fan since I was 16. My son’s name is Martin (besides Codrin, a romanian name), although Martin is a very rare name in romanian culture, and I’m very happy everytime I have to tell people why he has that name 🙂 From a romanian Devotee

      • I was there in București in July 26th this year, it was an brilliant concert. And I wore an Arsenal shirt, for it’s Martin’s favourite football team 😀 And I didn’t mind it at all, although I’m a Liverpool fan 🙋‍♂️ I’m happy I found you on the net, maybe I’ll write some of my DM thoughts here. Greetings from România

    • Salut

      Si eu tot depesista 😅 am fost acum in Nov 3 la concert cu Depeche aici in Montreal. Mi am dorit mult sa i vad. Sunt the Best. La sf concertului ma intrebam daca a cantat live ca parca Dave Gahan
      avea aceiasi voce superba ca in inregistrarile de Pe casetele mele de Pe timpuri 😬😅 de o sapt tot Pe ei ii ascult

  7. Speak and spell was the first concert I attended , 1981 I was 15 years old , literally a few feet from the group , bang centre of stage up close I could have touched Dave , I was in love with him ha ha , his good looks and snappy dresser he was a massive crush to be but the music .. oh the music I was in my element ! I was a big synth fan and there wasn’t single song I didn’t like , I was there next year for the the broken frame tour then the year after construction time again , the years went by , the music changed with the times but always had that “ Depeche “ sound and uniqueness with that synth I loved so much mixed with grunge / rock , Dave’s the best front man ever and Martin is just wow , rip Fletch .. now I have three grown kids , three grandkids but Depeche are in my blood , I had a tattoo a few years ago of the violater rose to be a permanent part of me , Just saw them in Manchester momento mori tour and it was one of the best nights of my life , they are the theme track of my life 🖤

    • I’m jealous my first concert was SOFAD in 1993. It sounds like you have have been to some really awesome Depeche Mode concerts. I’m sure seeing them in Manchester was an absolute blast! Stay Depeched 🙂


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