Why are Depeche Mode fans called Devotees?

 Simply put Depeche Mode fans are called Devotees primarily because their extreme loyalty to the band is unrivaled by almost any other music fans.

You could say Devotees are extraordinarily faithful to the band, their music, and their dark and grandiose way of thinking.  If you’re a Devotee then you know that Depeche Mode isn’t just another kind of music, it’s the soundtrack to your life!

It’s all about their Faith & Devotion

The use of the term Devotee started shortly after the explosive 1993 “Devotional” Tour to promote their 8th album “Songs of Faith and Devotion” This was one of the first tours in history to make use of large screen displays that included dark and hypnotic imagery and videos that meshed perfectly with the darkest music Depeche Mode had produced to date.

Depeche Mode performing Stripped during the Songs of Faith and Devotion Tour 1993

Inspired by a T-shirt?

During the tour the stage crew and roadies wore T-shirts with the words “Devotee” printed on them in purple, and that is when the term Devotee first caught on.  This was the first Depeche Mode concert I ever saw, and I was utterly blown away. I can honestly say that I was a Devotee long before that concert, but I just didn’t have a word for it yet. Ask any other Devotee you come across and they will have a similar story.

Are you a fellow Devotee?

Are you a Devotee as well? I would love to hear when you first realized you were one of the devout.

2 thoughts on “Why are Depeche Mode fans called Devotees?”

  1. Yes I am now , I had forgotten how good this band was in the nightclubs.
    David Gahan and Martin have beautiful singing voices.
    It’s a huge part of my music at age 68.
    U could say I grew up with them , their not far behind me.
    Very few songs are bad.


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