Vampires & Depeche Mode

The Vampire Diaries Season 1 poster

Depeche Mode & Vampires

“The world is a vampire set to drain” Oops, sorry wrong band but an epic lyric either way. Depeche Mode’s dark, hypnotic and hedonistic music and vampires go together like Bella & Edward, Sookie Stackhouse & Bill Compton, or Elena & Stefan, you get the point. The problem is this sinful combination of fangs, lust, longing, and Depeche Mode happens only rarely.
The only two examples of this mythic combination I have been able to find are Depeche Mode’s “Corrupt” appearance on the True Blood soundtrack, and Anberlin’s cover of “Enjoy The Silence” on season 1 episode 6 of The Vampire Diaries, The Lost Girls.

Anberlin: Enjoy The Silence (Depeche Mode Cover)

There is no place on earth I would rather start talking about Depeche Mode songs on television than in Mystic Falls Virginia! The Vampire Diaries are my guiltiest of guilty pleasures. Dark and sophomoric, but also grandiose and deeply romantic. Episode 6 season 1 “The Lost Girls” is my absolute favorite show of the series where Elena’s evil doppelganger Katherine first sinks her fangs into both Stefan & Damon, and Damon shows us his darker side when he dances dangerously with Vicki to Anberlin’s brilliant cover of Enjoy the Silence, before snapping her neck and turning her into a vampire. Team Stefan for the record. When it comes to tv shows that can give you a case of the feels, The Vampire Diaries is the one that will always make you dream about enjoying the silence with the only person you’d let sink their teeth into you.

Depeche Mode: Corrupt True Blood soundtrack

“I could corrupt You”. I mean wow! Can you think of a more perfect vibe to encapsulate this fiendishly seductive show? Depeche Mode and True Blood are every Devotee & Fangbangers dream match made in Hades. This fan art video captures the dangerous cocktail of seduction, sorrow and the unrequited love between mankind and immortality. But hey if your time has come… Team Jessica am I right?

My Dream Depeche Mode Song for a Vampire Movie or Drama

Reaps: The Dead Of Night (Depeche Mode Remix)

This song is dark, edgy, unapologetically arrogant, in your face, and brilliant in its own right. The remix by Reaps takes the track, sacrifices it to the pagan gods, and sets it on fire to reveal a darkness blacker than the darkest obsidian in the underworld. I can’t think of a better tribute to the Gods & Goddesses of night than this song.

What Depeche Mode Song Would You Chose?

What Depeche Mode song would you most like to sink your teeth into and add to your favorite Vampire fiction? Are there any Depeche Mode and Vampire unions that I’m not aware of? I would be forever your “Familiar” if you would share them in the comments.

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