Top 5 Depeche Mode Remixes Of All Time

 “There are Depeche Mode parties around the world where people listen to our music all night long. The more remixes we can give them, the more interesting those nights have got to be.” Martin Gore.

I couldn’t agree more! There are so many incredible Depeche Mode remixes out there selecting the best 5 is quite an impossible task. However, I think it’s more than worth the effort, especially when it comes to sharing with those who aren’t faithful and devoted like us, that Depeche Mode is a lot more than the Policy Of Truth or Enjoy The Silence track they might hear on the radio.

Any conversation discussing Depeche Mode remixes should mention that there are an overwhelming number of them to choose from. If you’re truly trying to pick the best 5 of all time out of a myriad of amazing choices it’s important to pick remixes that are bold in their approach and add a flair to the song that it didn’t have before while still preserving that symphonic, hypnotic, electronic Depeche Mode sound that every Devotee knows and loves.  

These 5 remixes are works of art and I had the same feeling when I heard these tracks as I do when I’m listening to a new Depeche Mode album for the first time. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Depeche Mode: “The Things You Said” (Harmony Mix) By Ultra Collective

I want to start this list off with the grandfather of all break up songs “The Things You Said”. This mix is a brilliant take on the original that captures all the disappointment and heartbreak of a lost love in a track that manages to be both soothing and sorrowful at the same time. There are some songs that manage to embody the true essence of Depeche Mode, and this is one of them, its definitely something precious in my book.

Depeche Mode: “If You Want” (Fdieu BackSpace Remix) By Fdieu

If you want to listen to incredible Depeche Mode remixes, Fdieu has you covered. There are less than a handful of other artists who can synthesize the essence of a Depeche Mode song, add their own interpretation, and never miss a beat: Fdieu does exactly that on quite possibly one of the hardest Depeche Mode tracks to cover. This remix of “If You Want” is not for the JV team. This version of the song is sheer perfection: Packed with adrenaline and a hypnotic beat throughout, you will definitely be ready when party time is here again.

Depeche Mode: “Mercy In You” (Reaps Remix) By Reaps

Reaps describes himself as small-time remix artist who has been remixing the same bands since forever. I certainly hope he continues because when it comes to Depeche Mode remixes, Reaps is unrivaled in my opinion. His mixes are always a perfect blend of industrial and electronica themes that get your blood pumping. His mix of Mercy In You is no exception. This track takes off like a rocket!… and never takes its foot off the gas. I would love to see Depeche Mode open a concert with something like this. I hope he does it all again.

Depeche Mode: “In Your Room” (Compact Fusion Remix) By Ultra Collective

For any best of, or top (x) list you always hope to have all different artist or examples to choose from, but this post is about picking the best covers ever, not spreading the love. This remix of In Your Room artfully mixes samples from Never Let Me Down Again, Enjoy The Silence, Two Minute Warning, It’s No Good, and even Stripped to create a perfect fusion that still embodies the feel and style of the original. In my room this is a mix I love listening to.

Depeche Mode: “Stripped” Kaiser Complex Reconstruction Remix

If you’re thinking about remixing “Stripped” one of Depeche Mode’s all time classic and iconic songs your approach needs to be bold, grandiose, and haunting. To its core Stripped inspires a deep sense of longing and connection to so many Devotees all over the world. This remix synthesizes the essence of that feeling perfectly. You could say this remix has stripped this song down to the bone.

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