Top 5 Depeche Mode Covers Of All Time

“Take one more look, what you found old and in it, you’ll find something new”

Like the lyric implies in One Caress, Depeche Mode encourages us to open ourselves up to what is new in something we have cherished for a long time. But still, a divide exists between Devotees when it comes to Depeche Mode cover songs. I’ve heard many say they dislike DM covers because they feel that they can never really compare to the sounds of the fathers of electronic music, and it’s true, very few bands can scratch the surface of what the boys of Basildon have been able to create. I do respect their opinion. For me however, when it comes to Depeche Mode covers, I Just Can’t Get Enough!

If you’re like me, there is nothing more exciting than hearing a new Depeche Mode album or song, but since we never know how many more new songs are coming our way, a truly great cover song is the next best thing! So here are my top 5 Depeche Mode Covers, in no particular order.

Marsheaux’: “Now This Is Fun” (Depeche Mode Cover)

This cover happens to be the only cover song that I truly like more than the original and that is a bold statement from this Devotee! Marsheaux is a Greek synth pop band that formed in 1993. “Now This Is Fun” is on their 2017 Get the Balance Right LP.

Lead vocalist Marianthi Melitsi and Sophie Sarigiannidou’s voices on this track are as haunting as the sirens calling Odysseus’ men down into the depths, and their version of the song captures the hallmark soothing and melancholic tones that Depeche Mode is famous for. In short, this song always leaves me wanting more.

Nerd Revolt: “Photographic” (Depeche Mode Cover)

This is the video I never knew I always wanted for a true Depeche Mode classic! On stage at the Rock AM Ring tour of 2006 Martin Gore told an ecstatic audience that Photographic is the first song Depeche Mode ever recorded. Nerd Revolt does an amazing job of capturing the sense of urgency and longing that this iconic song inspires, and the music takes you back to strobes and flashing lights in the gothic clubs of days gone by. The vocals and style of the video are an incredible tribute to the electronic sounds of Depeche Mode’s past: reminding me of a love lost, and a letter never sent.

Rhiannon Mair: “Strangelove” (Depeche Mode Cover)

This truly original take on a one of a kind song was created when vampires and werewolves were dominating popular fiction in the US, with Forks, WA as the epicenter. Team Edward for the record! Covering “Strangelove” is not for faint of heart and Rhiannon Mair gets after it with a passion and fire that pours out into her lyrics. Then what I’m hoping/guessing might be a tribute to the band Concrete Blonde with the roses covered in oil while Rhiannon blasts out “Pain will you return it!” is a thing of sheer power and beauty! This cover makes my heart smile.

Shaka Ponk: “Personal Jesus” (Depeche Mode Cover)

Who doesn’t like to see an awesome band just rocking out in their garage or attic? Shaka Ponk is a French synth / electric rock band that formed in 2000. Aside from “Personal Jesus,” they also have some other out-of-this-world covers that I know fellow Devotees will love: “Kids in America,” and “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” This cover of “Personal Jesus,” one of Depeche Mode’s most popular club songs is modest in its ambiance, but audacious in its delivery. Over 4 million viewers can’t be wrong. Every time I hear this song, I’m ready to reach out and touch faith.

Yana Chernysheva: “Enjoy the Silence” (Depeche Mode Cover)

Yana Chernysheva’s Instagram page tells you she is a flight attendant in the air, composer on the ground, and says that her musical style is electronica and neoclassical. What I can tell you is, this cover is the best piano solo cover of a Depeche Mode song that I have ever heard. “Enjoy The Silence” is Depeche Mode’s most popular song out of their expansive catalog, and this cover is far and away one of the best versions of this legendary song. This version brilliantly captures the dichotomy of melancholy and passion in one broad stroke. It begins softly but with purpose, reminding us that Depeche Mode is best when shared with someone you love. It ends as a spirited but melancholy celebration that: fair warning here… might make your eyes water. Cheers to Yana for this amazing rendition. I’m not crying. You’re crying!

5 thoughts on “Top 5 Depeche Mode Covers Of All Time”

  1. Now this fun is an amazing track and…. I’m sorry this cover feels processed and generic and loses that weird pathos of the original. I still think a cover COULD improve on the original but this plodding take is not it. Great list though and I thank you for putting this out there!

    • Thanks for your comment Fugit. I can appreciate what you’re saying. Music and songs connect with us all in different ways, and I absolutely love the weird pathos of the original track! For me I love the two singers hypnotic voices on this track, and I always feel a little mesmerized after I listen to it :) Vote For Martin :)


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