My Top 3 DX5 Depeche Mode Covers

If you’re a hardcore Devotee and you spend a lot of time You Tube, you might have already come across one of the best Depeche Mode original cover artists online: DX5.  If not, I would highly recommend you check out his channel. He specializes in synth pop covers, mainly Depeche Mode, and even creates his own samples by banging pipes and railings just like Depeche Mode did back in the day. His channel has over 30,000 subscribers and 15 million views, and that’s a lot of Devotees in my book. His covers do an amazing job recreating and preserving the original sound of the band and he is very fun to watch as well. DX5 has hundreds of videos to choose from, these are my 3 favorite of his Depeche Mode covers.

DX5: Here is the House (Depeche Mode Cover)

DX5’s cover of Here is the House by Depeche Mode is the best cover and or remix of this iconic song ever done. I know that’s a bold statement considering Andain has even covered this classic song, but in my mind, nobody has done it better than DX5! Played on 3 separate keyboards DX5 does an amazing job of capturing the essence of this song about love, and a longing to connect with someone in a special time and place.  This is the first DX5 cover I stumbled upon and my favorite. Hopefully, you will enjoy it as much as I do.

DX5: The Sun And The Rainfall (Depeche Mode Cover)

What makes this cover of The Sun And The Rainfall by Depeche Mode so great? It has to be the baseline and the ultra-fat sample that DX5 is using on the track in my opinion. Coupled with a brilliant performance of the melody DX5 does an amazing job capturing the melancholy vibe of this beautiful track.  

DX5: My Secret Garden (Depeche Mode Cover)

“Start The Tape Please” The iconic phrase that kicked off one of the best Depeche Mode concerts in history! Early Depeche Mode is best known for their use of Tape Reels for their backing tracks and drums in their early days, and DX5 brilliantly uses a Tape Reel to capture that amazing analogue sound of old school Depeche Mode in his cover of My Secret Garden.

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