Depeche Mode Projects Future Inspiration

Dream On

This page is devoted to brainstorming projects and cover song ideas for Depeche Mode covers I might be interested in working on in the future.

Depeche Mode And Vampires

Hello Saxon! I would love to create a Vampire themed Montage of the Reaps Dead of Night remix, or just the Dead of Night song by Depeche Mode. The 2 other videos are from when Depeche Mode was featured on The Vampire Diaries and True Blood. I’m happy to pay you for your time and I always link to creators in the description and comments section of any video done. I’m a lifelong Depeche Mode fan and my new website “Diary of a Devotee” and You Tube Channel “Vote For Martin” are devoted to covers, remixes, and trivia about Depeche Mode.

Vampire Montage Request
Completed Montage Inspiration
Completed Montage Inspiration
Update my “It Doesn’t Matter Two” Depeche Mode Cover

This mix of It Doesn’t Matter Two by Fdieu is easily one of the top 10 best Depeche Mixes ever! It would be a lot of fun to update my original novice cover of this song to something similar to this absolute masterpiece.

Update my “Little 15” Depeche Mode Cover

Fdieu strikes again. He has so many superb Depeche Mode remixes and his mix of Little 15 is at the top of that list! I would also love to update my novice cover of Little 15 and do my best to emulate Fdieu’s style in the process.