Depeche Mode Current Projects

Construction Time Again

This page is for the Depeche Mode cover I’m currently working on, and will hopefully make it easier to collaborate on the song with any artist or teachers I’m working with, and track my progress.

Unless you’re a glutton for punishment, or you enjoy listening to novice piano players with poor timing I would suggest checking out the other covers and remixes on this site.

Vote For Martin: “Shake The Disease” (Depeche Mode Cover) 3rd Cover

I’m very excited to be working on this cover of Shake The Disease with one of the coolest piano teachers of all time, Mr. Ray Luna. Ray is very fun to work with, extremely talented, and has a knack for breaking songs down into easy to understand components. We do zoom lessons and he also does custom tutorials for me as well. You can check out the custom tutorial he made for this cover below.

The version of the song I will be covering was originally performed by a YouTuber named AU from Argentina. I believe this cover of Shake The Disease was uploaded sometime circa 2010. It’s an awesome version of the song with a very basic drum pattern and a split bass/lead sound on the Juno JP 8000. It’s such a fun version of the song and AU does an amazing job for a guy just jamming out!

I still need to work on the samples and drums and I’m hoping to have this song finished by summer 2022.